Your CO2 is NewCO2

Welcome to NewCO2

NewCO2 is one of the fastest growing companies in the development of new CO2 sources in Europe, both on the mainland and on the islands; Ireland and the United Kingdom.

NewCO2 opens the existing consolidated market for CO2. Customers, usually end users, are increasingly confronted with scarcity of liquid CO2 for longer periods. 

NewCO2 is changing this with its new sustainable sources for the production of liquid CO2

New legislation and regulations make NewCO2 ready for the future, your future! Because NewCO2 is active on the market in a completely new way with renewable, reducible and recyclable CO2.

More and more producers and buyers know how to find NewCO2 and join.

Customers from NewCO2 are located in almost all industries. We find the best-known applications in; aviation, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, technical and in the (bio) medical industry.

The same quality of CO2 is not required for every application. Together with its customers NewCO2 is constantly looking for new applications.

NewCO2 is a customer and market-oriented company and, together with its suppliers and customers, strives for long-term cooperation and partnership. NewCO2 brings knowledge, supply and demand together. They are already called "the CO2 Brokers".

NewCO2 thinks and works innovatively and does so with respect for all raw materials.

NewCO2 is distinctive in all its facets. Her customer-friendliness and high service level are particularly appreciated.

NewCO2 and safety: the most important thing for you and for us! Thanks to its expertise and flexible service, NewCO2 is able to deliver quickly and serve its customers.

NewCO2 focuses in particular on its broad network in pharma, food and other industrial applications. 

NewCO2 is happy to discuss with you how it can be a partner for you in the field of CO2 and its applications.